Why MRI Is required? Whom is it recommended for?

An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a noninvasive test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of body structures. Magnetic resonance imaging specifically focuses on the brain, spine, neck, face, and central nervous system.

neuro MRI in New Jersey is used to help diagnose disorders involving the central nervous system. You can rest assured that the combination of our state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging machine and our highly skilled radiologists will provide a comprehensive report leading to an accurate diagnosis.

An MRI may be used to examine the brain and/or spinal cord for injuries or the presence of structural abnormalities or certain other conditions, such as: or bleeding in the brain or spinal cord

Magnetic resonance imaging can also help pinpoint the specific location of a functional center of the brain (the specific part of the brain that controls a function, such as speech or memory) to aid in processing. handle a brain condition.

 Reasons to recommend an MRI of the spine or brain

EAT/Drink: You can eat, drink, and take your medications as usual for most MRI scans. Some specialized MRI tests require certain restrictions. Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging will provide you with detailed preparation instructions when you schedule your exam.

CLOTHING: You must wear a full patient gown and lock all your items. A locker will be provided. Please remove all piercings and leave all jewelry and valuables at home.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The imaging takes place inside a large tube-like structure, open at both ends. You need to stay completely still for a quality image. Due to the high noise of the MRI machine, earplugs are required and will be provided.

ALLERGY: If you have an allergic reaction to a contrast product that requires medical treatment, contact your doctor for a recommended prescription. You will probably drink on the 24th, 12th, and two hours before the test.

ANTI-ANXIA MEDICATION: If you need anti-anxiety medication due to claustrophobia, contact your prescribing physician for a prescription. Please note that you will need someone else to drive you home.

STRONG MAGNETIC ENVIRONMENTS: If you have metals in your body that have not been disclosed before your appointment, your study may be delayed, postponed, or canceled on your arrival until more information is available.

Depending on your medical condition, your healthcare provider may require a different preparation.