How To Take Care Of your Bubbler Stem?

If you enjoy smoking and would like to have a good experience whenever you feel stressed out or want to have a good time, it always makes a difference when you have the best quality of accessories in your kit, and you can inhale a good experience while enjoying the atmosphere. Some people are very particular about the glass box that they purchase. Still, it is not the only important accessory that you need to have as the best as there are various other accessories in the kit which need to be of the best qualities for you to have a good time. One of them is a bubbler stem

Many people also have the best quality bubbler stems. Still, they ultimately do not know how to maintain their quality of them or use it carefully to ensure that the life of the stem is durable and one doesn’t need to get it to change frequently. If you are also struggling with a similar problem, you must read the information below to find out important tips which will help you maintain the bubbler stem for a long.

Tips to take care of bubbler stem

  • Use a soft cover

Many people who own a bong often keep all the items of the kit together so that whenever they open the kit they find everything in place. This is a good habit but in the case of bubbler, one needs to be more careful as it is a fragile item that can break easily under any circumstances. It is advised to wrap the bubbles stem as well as other items of the kit in a soft cover and then ultimately put it indicate box which has a hard covering to insert that the contents are safe inside.

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  • Rinse

Another important step that you must know to take care of your bubbler stem is to rinse often whenever you have used it. Not only this will prevent the accumulation of any germs on the stem but it will also help in avoiding having a bad order from the glass stem whenever you take it out at the best time.

  • Wipe dry

Rinsing the stem doesn’t mean that you can keep it wet under the wrap and lock it in the kit. It is also important to use a cotton cloth to wipe the wet and ensure that the glass accessories are completely dry before keeping them under. This helps in preventing bad smells and keeps it hygienic.

Wrapping up

With all these important tips you can take care of your smoking kit and bubbler stem well and have it for a longer time.