Choosing The Best 3D Mammography Reason To Use It

There are many reasons to have a 3D mammogram. For some women, it’s a necessity. Other times, it’s an option that can ease the fear of having a hysterectomy. But for every woman who would instead not go through the procedure themselves, others can be trusted to do it right. That’s why we’ve developed this list of the best 3D mammogram in Sparta, NJ. Since there are so many great options, you might think that we could give you everything. In other words: choose from any one of these, and you’ll be set — right? Not quite … Read on to learn more about why you should choose your 3D service wisely and not cheaply.

How often do you think about your mammogram machine? Does it show up in your routine visits to the doctor’s office? Do you wonder why your results sometimes differ from what the doctor told you? A mammogram is the only way to get a skilled and accurate opinion of your breasts. Unfortunately, even though it is one of the most common screening tests, millions of women can’t afford to lose their time and money on a 5-minute procedure that can keep them up all night. There are many reasons why cheap 3D mammography services might not be worth it. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Low-calorie technology: It takes much more time and effort to create an image with this technology — often requiring multiple photos that can be stored in different formats over time.
  1. Higher risks: Because newer technologies use smaller sensors, your chances of getting an inaccurate diagnosis increase significantly with lower quality films and machines.
  1. Lower quality films: Whether due to poor quality control or poor financial management by a publisher, low-end films usually have defects in the film itself and pose higher risks for inaccuracies during processing, transmission, or reading results from someone else’s home computer screen or mobile device — limiting access to certain specialties such as teleneurology imaging that relies on this technology for diagnosis.

4. Screening for Breast Cancer: High-quality mammography is the most effective screening tool for breast cancer, but that does not mean that a quality film and machine are entirely free of the risks noted above.