What Rigs Are Included In A Dab Out Kit?

For a new dabber, dabbing might seem overwhelming. In contrast with smoking dry herbs, you must use a unique setup to use wax dabs correctly. Dab rigs serve this purpose and are designed specifically for it. One can also find them in a dab out kit, which is a small kit that has all the tools you need to dab.

A dab rig comes in so many varieties it isn’t easy to choose one. To assist you in making an informed choice, this article provides a list of different types.


The e-rig does not require a flashlight as it is electrically heated. Electrical appliances are usually charged and come with accessories. Apart from being easy to transport and portable, this dab rig can be used anywhere. People typically consider E-rigs to provide some of the best diving features.

Honey Straw

Along with dab straws, honey straws are also called nectar collectors. Usually, these tubes are made of glass. Depending on the model, some plants may come with an in-built water chamber, while others may not need it at all. Dab straws are transportable, easy to equip, and come in many styles. In addition, they make beautiful gifts.

Mini Rig

As one might guess, mini rigs are small rigs used to dab. Smaller instruments are advantageous because they are more portable than their larger counterparts. A mini rig that can be easily concealed can still perform all the functions it was expected to fulfill. Moreover, mini rigs are a lot more convenient than you think.

Silicone Rig

If you are a smoker who tends to experience a lot of clumsy accidents, you will find the silicone rig very useful. These rigs are designed to be virtually unbreakable, even when dropped, due to the flexible material that they are made of. The material is durable and difficult to break. They are also relatively cheap to boot, especially when comparing them with the alternatives.

A dab-out kit may come with any one or more of these kinds of dab rigs. Selecting one can be challenging since they come in different types and sizes. Ultimately, you should choose based on your preferences and needs.