Are Air Purifiers Eliminate Any Bad Pathogens?

Most shops sell air purifiers equipped with Ultraviolet light. Most commercials use it as an extent to which a concept of air cleaning. These manufacturers assert that their Light irradiation air purifier sterilizes the air. It also disinfects the air via the Blue light in their present product. Many people buy these to maintain sanitary conditions in their households. Thousands have already installed one at their homes because the house would be safe to stay, especially for those who have allergies.

The Infrared radiation of the product has a particular frequency and has also been shown to destroy microorganisms. This was tested in laboratory settings for a defined period of exposure. Ultraviolet light in a residential air purifier is not a safe method of sterilizing the air and is a novelty. UV lights in air purifiers are insufficient to do what certain manufacturers say. If the UV light in the air purifier is too bright, it may pose a significant health danger. The air purifier’s size and maintenance costs would also preclude it from being used in a home context. Additionally, there seems to be no experimental evidence that UV light is beneficial when used in conjunction with a HEPA filter.

Facts in sterilizing the air

An air purifier must transfer enough air to produce many air changes every hour to clean a room. However, if the circulation rate is high, contaminants in the air – like germs, viruses, fungi, and pathogens – pass via the air purifier so that the UV light’s exposure time to the pollution is insufficient to kill it.

Dust and soil may create a ‘biofilm’ over the microbes, shielding them from UV light. The more significant issue is that several UV lamps, or even tanks of UV lamps, are required in the air purifier. This is to achieve an efficient UV light exposure period. These UV lamp banks will need to be arranged in a long flat arrangement to maximize exposure time.

Why UV light is popular in any market strategy

The possible explanation of why certain vendors use UV lamps in HEPA air purifiers is that these manufacturers are more concerned with development. Manufacturers use it as a convincing advertisement. This wise seller uses it as an advertising strategy than creating a better air purifier. These firms attempt to incorporate as many various innovations as possible into their product. Sellers do this to intentionally or unintentionally trick the end customer into thinking that an air purifier would work better. The irony is that this machine is likely to be inefficient and gimmicky.

Certain vendors did not feel that adding a UV light would improve the air purifier’s performance. Additionally, this manufacturer cannot promise the germs would be reliable. It is still not yet proved that it was destroyed by the Ultraviolet light in their air purifier. The proper explanation for using UV lamps in air purifiers seems to be so the maker will gain more money from UV lamp replacement.