Reasons One Need To Stop Stressing About Wide Bore Mri In New Jersey

Wide Bore MRI is an inherent technology provided by hardware manufacturers. For example, GE and Siemens make the main MRI Magnet Bodies and Control (CBCT), and their largest superconducting magnet has a 2 inner bore. Thus it is historically correct to state that the Wide Bore concept was not developed by the US but rather was already available from the equipment manufacturers as a standard product used for all commercial imaging wide bore mri in New Jersey.

The Advantages of Using a Wide Bore MRI

Wide bore MRI has many advantages, including better patient access to important diagnostic information, more accurate imaging, reduced waiting time, higher accuracy in diagnosis, and reduced deformity. Using a wide bore mri in New Jersey is the way to go for better, inexpensive health care for patients. When the MRI is used, our results have been better. The big advantage of a wide bore MRI is that it reduces exposure to radiation by up to 90%. In cases of deep knee or spine pain, a patient can get an MRI without coming in contact with any more radiation. One of my favorite advantages of a wide bore MRI is an image of smaller structures inside the body.

One would never think about the advantage of image structures inside, but it’s cool. Of course, any mention of an advantage would be incomplete without mentioning the weight savings of these machines. With all of the conveniences today, the wide-bore MRI is becoming more popular for places that can’t create images like this. The widest part of the bore is 3.2 inches (8 cm) which means their patients will feel more comfortable and less claustrophobic. One of the great benefits of wide-bore MRIs is they can save up to 30% unnecessary time in scanning with manipulation due to gross movements.

How do MRI works?

Wide Bore MRI is an advanced imaging technology developed by GE Healthcare. This technology allows physicians to collect data from a larger area of the body in a single session — reducing the time it takes to conduct a diagnosis. Wide Bore MRI provides another option for patients who cannot undergo conventional MRI testing due to anatomical constraints or pregnancy. It also enables physicians to see inside the body with higher resolution and more detail than ever before. This technique uses specialized equipment that takes advantage of recent technological advances to create a flexible scanning device that can move through the body with ease.