What Parents Should Know about Swing Sets Before Buying

Kids love the outdoors, and swing sets are one of the most common playsets they like to see. It’s not a surprise why parents would want to invest in swing sets. They tend to consider a lot of factors right away once they do so. Their heads buzz with models, designs, materials, safety features, etc. It’s a good thing we came up with this list of facts to consider when buying swing sets online.

Woods are not equally made.

The wood which will be used for the construction of the swing set depends on your particular needs and budget. Redwood is a real beauty and it gives you rustic vibes, but it is also highly expensive. Cedar on the other hand is decent and durable, but it is on the soft side which requires support all the time to avoid being warped over time. A long-lasting and most durable option is the premium preserved pine. It must be pressure tested to make it safe for everyone including adults.

Deck size matters.

Deck size matters when you buy a swing set. This is the raised floor or the landing area that functions as the top of the structure’s support. Decks can be in various shapes and sizes. It’s better to go for the high-enough deck so that your children don’t really outgrow the swing set easily. If you want the swing set to be useful well into the kids’ teenage years, choose five- to six-foot-high forts. This will also mean taller swings and higher swing arcs and more fun. Look into the square-foot area as well. More deck space means your kids will have more safe space to play on the deck.

Don’t settle for cheap.

When you invest in swing sets online, you get what you pay for. That’s why you must always choose solid beams even if they cost more. These are more sturdy, and they can last longer. This will provide you the best structural support you’ll ever need.

Look for a quality warranty.

You will spend money for a swing set, and while at it make sure that you are covered for the long haul. That’s why if the set you are eyeing has no quality guarantee, it’s better to look for another option. The usual warranty is 10 to 15 years with the latter more usual among top-quality manufacturers.

Pick one with the right surface material

The surface material on which you lay your set is equally important as the material of the swing itself. A good-quality surface material will soften the blow if a child falls. It won’t easily wear away over time. It will also provide an overall safe structure for your child to play on. Some of the materials to use include rubber safety mats, sand, or mulch.