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People have faced a lot of problems since the lockdown. They need something fun, something exciting where they can find happiness in life. New web series and movies are helping them in reducing anxiety and stress. The OTT stage has simplified it to watch new movies online and contribute quality energy with families during the pandemic. The pattern of OTT among people has extended to such a degree that media terminals lean towards communicating new movies. From high-movement performance to spine-chiller stories, you can survey the latest motion pictures here.

Colour Photo 

Sandeep Raj directs this movie. In the story, Jayakrishna(Suhas) is a darker-looking person who falls in love with Deepu(ChandniChowdary)but keeps the feelings only in his heart. As time sails by, a group in his school beats him, and this issue carries Deepu nearer to him. The fellowship gradually transforms into affection, which goes poorly with Deepu’s sibling Rama Raju(Sunil). The remainder of the story is regarding how the couple reunites in the wake of dealing with a few issues.

 The film consistently felt promising from starting. The story is a sincere one, and its composition is mind-blowing. Discussed are imperative to any romantic tale; however, the way Sandeep Raj utilizes them during key scenes makes this film an essential one.

Suhas has by and by proved his guts as an entertainer with Color Photo. Each detail, even how he gets down the cycle without applying the break, is so common. Chandini’s appearances and execution in this film are incredible. Sunil plays his character effortlessly. What’s more, the man existing apart from everything else is Harsha. The love angle between Harsha and Suhas is pretty much as significant as the chemistry between the lead characters and the young men who just executed it perfectly. KaalaBhairava’s music is right on target, and different details additionally turned out great.


The film begins in Nidudavolu as Bujji’s (Raj Tharun) guardians fix a counterpart for him. Annoyed with this, he leaves his town. During a similar time, Krishnaveni(Malavika Nair) additionally flees to Hyderabad for a similar explanation. In any case, the whole town feels that Bujji has absconded with Krishnaveni. At the point when Krishnaveni comes to know this, she is disturbed big time with Bujji. The bend in the story emerges when Krishnaveni will meet Bujji as Seenu. Love blooms among them, and one fine day, Bujji comes to realize that Krishnaveni is the young lady who has fled from her town and abhors him. The remainder of the story is concerning how Bujji fixes things and wins his adoration.

One of the greatest points of the film is Malavika Nair. It is so acceptable to see her after quite a while, and she glances so charmingly in her job. Rest performances are also good.

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