Reasons why the economy is now political

Politics and economics are two things you cannot separate. It is the only means that if politics are great, then the economy is thriving, but the economies will be feeble if the politics are weak. Citizens should make it their business to vote right and support politics for policies that support pro-growth because if they don’t, this will negatively affect the economies. Check out what The Rum Rebellion posts say about this matter. 


The truth is, to ordinary people economy means nothing. According to economics models, immigration, free trade, competition over time, and on the net are great. But to a wrong person, they don’t find on the net being uplifting, whether they work in the best premise, neither is over time appeasing to them. Listed below are a few reasons why this happened. 

Alteration of the nature of work by technology 

You find that the digital revolution has eliminated middle-skilled jobs because the computer software can do all the work right from routine manufacturing to clerical jobs, which was once feeding the degree holders. However, the highly skilled people may still retain their work as they are needed to operate the machines, but it is a minus for less-educated. 

Increase of superstars 

Superstar firms like Amazon and Apple attract revenue across the globe on a larger scale than former generations. The companies and their executive have immense gains while the regular works receive less. This way, these breakthrough workers and firms take the economy. The economy is influenced and run by those in politics and superstar people; hence the word has become suitable for those in higher levels and those who know people in politics. 


Reduced trade barriers, together with competition from growing economies from various countries, have reduced the prospects of workers without innovative skills. As a result, workers in divisions like leather goods, furniture, and textiles go through overwhelming consequences. 

Declination of organized labor 

Over the last four decades, workers who were represented by work unions have decreased by half. That way, they are not able to bargain for advanced benefits and wages. Visit The Rum Rebellion posts and understand more about the Declination of organized labor. 

Breaking the rules 

Economic champions recompence themselves further through government policies, and as wealth rises, it deliberates political power. Even private firms and institutions administer only the past graduates and children of prominent people. As it is, people with money can buy unfair advantages.


In conclusion, there is a significant gap between ordinary people and the rich. The rich and those in politics do not want the economy to benefit in the future, but they want the money for themselves. Usually, economies may seem non-political, but that is not the truth. Finance and economies are affected by a country’s politics; hence, there are influences of political powers and decisions on the economy. This only means economy of a country is seen in the eyes of politics.