Expectations When Meeting a Used Car Dealer

When you buy a car from a used truck dealer, it is recommended that you deliver it regularly to service meetings. Not all used car dealers have service departments, but if you have one, be sure to take advantage of this.

Things you should check regularly to make sure your car or truck is always in good condition.

Check brakes and brake pads

When you pick up your vehicle from your used trucks in dallas, the first thing they will do is check the brakes and brake pads to see if they are worn out. If they are in poor condition, replacement may be necessary. If you don’t drive a lot, or if you are more careful about how often you use the brakes, your brakes and pads may not have to be changed very often. However, if you notice that you are having trouble stopping the car, or if you hear a noise when you press the brake pedal, you should bring it immediately.

Change of oil

Another common item on the checklist at your appointment is an oil change. While oil changes every 3000 miles were common practice, today’s engine oil quality allows you to spend more time between changes, especially if you are not moving with errors.

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Spin tires

Checking your tires is another thing that will happen at your reception. A professional inspection of your tires is very important. They know what to look for, and can often tell you when you run the risk of breaking a tire or encountering other problems. When they spin the tires, they often move the front wheels back and forth forward. They also move the right tires to the left and vice versa. This allows the tires to grip better and prevents them from wearing out too quickly.

Check Filters

Every six to twelve months, your service technician will check and change your vehicle’s filters, including oil and air filters. Previously, the old rule was that oil filters were replaced at every oil change. However, with recent quality improvements, oil filters can work for up to a year. Air filters are designed to ensure that the air quality inside your car is fresh and free of impurities.


A visit to a used truck dealer for a service meeting is very important to the health of your car. You might want to make a list of maintenance dates for your car to keep it in the glove compartment. This can help you keep track of how often your car is serviced.