Online divorce process

The process of divorce in court is regulated by law and is therefore always the same. This regardless of whether the divorce is commissioned with a lawyer in their office or online.

  1. Send the divorce form by online form, e-mail, fax or post process of divorce online

Online divorce Upon receipt, your documents will be checked for completeness. If everything is complete and agreed with you, your divorce petition can often be submitted to the family court responsible for you on the same day . Before that, you have already received a non-binding draft of the divorce petition , a cost estimate and further information and ideally you have telephoned family law attorney so that no questions remain unanswered. Once you have everything, you can decide whether you want to commission us. Experience has shown that there is usually a need to calmly check the information received before commissioning or to check with the spouse with a view to possible cost. The following process of the divorce is independent of whether you have commissioned us online or in the office.

  1. Beginning of divorce proceedings: Receipt of divorce petition by the court and delivery

The application for divorce is submitted online via the special electronic attorney’s mailbox. The Family Court, the process receives a file number and creates a legal costs bill if no legal aid was requested and granted. After receipt of the court costs at the court treasury, the court arranges for the formal delivery of the divorce petition to the other spouse and gives them the opportunity to comment.

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  1. Pension equalization – pension equalization in the event of divorce

The family court sends the questionnaire on the pension adjustment to both parties, as long as there is no exclusion . As soon as the questionnaires have been completed at the court, information will be requested from the respective pension insurer. When the information from the pension insurer is available, an appointment is usually set by the court.

  1. Your Divorce Date – The Divorce Date Expires

Both spouses, i.e. wife and husband, are invited to the divorce date. They are heard to check whether the conditions for divorce are met year of separation, both agree to the divorce. The decision is usually announced immediately afterwards. You can plan around 10-15 minutes for the duration of the appointment at the family court. In the case of great distances, we will assign an appointment representative on site to attend the divorce appointment with you. You will not incur any additional costs as a result.

  1. The divorce decree Divorce decision with final certificate

The divorce decision will be sent to us as soon as it has been drawn up in writing. After one month from delivery, the divorce decision becomes legally binding if none of the parties involved lodge an appeal. After the month has expired, we will request a legal certificate from the court and then send you the original divorce decision, which you must keep in a safe place in order to be able to prove the divorce. You are now legally divorced.